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Need To Have An Artist Help Me And My Vision. I Can't Draw To Save My LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Daryl Alessi

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Type of Artwork : Character design

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Feb 2019  | 

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Hi My name is DJ. First off, I cannot draw to save my f**king life! However, I have a ton of ideas and I am trying to find someone who can help my ideas come to fruition. I want to draw a scene with guardian angels for a friend that is going to have a baby. I have the whole thing in my head. The figures should look like your teddy bear but a little softer - like Norman Rockwell, you and Precious Moments figurines...if that makes sense. A baby will be in a crib, being watched by his/her guardian angel. Back to this in a sec. In a doorway, peering in, are 3 other angels, just so happy to see the new baby. One is resting it's head on folded arms, giving a fawing look (like a young girl looking at Elvis) at the baby. Another is peering into the room, smiling and beaming. A thrid...havent figured that one yet. Something in this vein... Back to the guardian angel. Instead of beaming, too, he/she is taking job very seriously. The 3 looking in are causing a commotion and may wake the baby. He looks back and sushes them...telling them be quiet with a stern but not mean look on his face. Does any of what I said make sense? If you can help or know someone who can, please let me know. Also, who has the rights to the picture once it is completed? Thanks!!! DJ