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LISX Album Cover Art

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Paul Forjoe

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Type of Artwork : Digital Art

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Mar 2019  | 

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I am looking for an artist to work with me on creating art work for my album. Here are some notes per track: Track art 1. Lost - So liken instead of the “F” I would say there should be lanes/roads but at different levels I want the humans to have a smart phone handcuffed to them. Some will have bitten apples handcuffed and others spheres with stars like galaxies. The humans should look lost with a number of portal thingys like you have in the current pic present. Let the humans be faceless with their eyes being the signs for male and female Let there be little scenes between humans depicting these: Rape, theft (make a thief run away with someone’s cut of hand) pollution( someone peeing, land fills people throwing away stuff( let the stuff be books)), Bribery And in one corner let there be a party if possible with people jamming. Let a dj be some where and in the opposite corner get someone sitting listening attentively to music https://pixabay.com/photo-1838330/ 2. Listen prod by Hondred - (Elephant with headphones and ears cut. Headphones are plugged into side of torso. Elephant holds ear lobes in hands. Elephant is wearing a dashiki) 3. Smooth volcano prod by Hondred - ( Similar to image below but A sheep instead of Brian and instead of snoopy’s head you have a volcano erupting) 4.Kwaku Ananse feat Yung Pabi prod by Boamah MadeIT- kwaku ananse in the form of a spider having a drink with Peter Parker (white guy in a spider t-shirt) in a bar. Black panther (black guy with black panther necklace) hulk (white guy with green complexion) you can add Batman or bats flying around, green lanterns hanging around, and Superman crest coasters 5.Sinner - https://pixabay.com/photo-794514/ A pic of myself withbtongue sticking out. A dove sits on my tongue. My face is sliced up (mr.eazi) inbetween the slices text lies with references to sin. On my neck will be a shackle tied to a big iron ball which will be sin 6.Hippo feat Ria Boss prod by Hondred - (Similar to Brian and Snoopy image but Brian is a hippo and out of hippo body comes out neck with large heads of an Elephant, Eagle, Chicken, Panda, Baboon, Monkey and human) 7. Back Again feat Quayba and 86 prod by Hondred - (Dinosaur Borga) Afro, gold chain, shades, sneakers(camboo) baggy pants, holding a stick with milk tin on the floor alongside kpiting3, chelensa and a konko Car 8. Sobolo - my face with my beard covered with hibiscus flowers, eye brows covered with mint leaves and I have dangling ginger as earrings. My moustache could have sugar. 9. (CR)ISIS prod by Hondred https://pixabay.com/photo-3101349/ A face as the shape of Africa with a tv as a crown. In the tv there will be western issues, Brexit, ISIS, Trump, Democrats, Nuclear war and so on. The face will have a cave like hole instead of eyes and other facial features. Within it will have people on one side as prisoners and the other side people as Boko Haram, politicians, money, cars , wealth. So basically a rich and poor side depicting the wealth gap within Africa. 10. Listen Remix prod by Boamah MadeIT -(a remix of animal avatar) (Elephant with shades and headphones with ears cut. Headphones are plugged into side of torso. Elephant holds ear lobes in hands. Elephant is wearing a dashiki with an electric organ in front of him)