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Different Wall Signs Or Other Art Related Projects With These Sayings

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Hector Dejesus

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Mar 2019  | 

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My wife loves this song called "high and lows" by tropedilic. I'm looking for an artist to do the following: Art 1: Sometimes is feels like the sun won't come out tomorrow. Sometimes it feels like there's no harder time then right now, But it'll be alright 'cause happiness can be borrowed From the stranger next to you, if all they share is a smile Art 2: Shake, shake off the cold. Shake off the dust. Break with the old. Make no mistake, these two shall pass. All of your woes will turn into laughs. Just keep the faith, stay on the path. Give what you take don't dwell on the past. Eyes on the prize don't lose sight of your goals. All of the highs come with the low Art 3: Sometimes it feels like you've lost every inch of your soul. Like it was more than you can take, or more than you can handle, but instead you just learn how to grow. It's easier each time. You're built up on the struggle. You only know highs from the lows, And with some faith, you'll find That there's a brighter side. Art 4: Sometimes it feels like what's been broke can't be mended. Sometimes it feels like there's only one way out, But somewhere deep inside, a fire burns in attended. All you need's a spark from it to turn this whole thing around. The pricing and date can be flexible if the art is good. Happy wife, happy life right.