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Calendar Girl! - A Workplace Comic Strip

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Diana (Hodgson)

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Type of Artwork : Traditional illustration

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Tags : #characterdesign, #illustration, #comic, Comic strip, Character design, Characterdesign, Illustration, Comicstrip, Fun, Story

Feb 2019  | 

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A colleague of ours has moved from Philadelphia to Chicago is and leaving our organization, Character Lab. We want to get her a goodbye gift. We affectionately refer to her as "Calendar Girl" because she is exceptional at knowing everyone's schedule and calendar details. Her kryptonite however, is time zones! They throw her off her calendar game entirely! Could you please make a one page (standard letter size is fine) superhero comic with characters in a bitmoji style using her likeness? You can find a picture of her at characterlab.org/team. Her name is Emily Aisenbrey, has blond hair and blue eyes. She should be the main character. Other supporting/minor characters for this comic and their superhero alter egos can include - Dave Ludgin ("Face" - loud, very expressive, cheers people up and makes people smile), Michael Pih ("Puppet Master" - uses mind tricks and psychology to manipulate workplace situations like getting out of previously scheduled meetings), Nora Stinley ("Affirmation Lady" - very supportive of people's feelings and ideas. often affirms people and their statements throughout the day), Sean Talamas ("Process Boy" - always wants to talk about the process first when approaching any of our work), and Diana Gould ("#Keepinitreal Girl" - calls people out on bullshit. tells it like it is, always). Photos of all people named here can be found at characterlab.org/team