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Art For A Music Album Cover

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Ransri Wije

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Type of Artwork : Other

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Tags : Art, sketch, colorizing, graphic design, drawing, album cover, music

Aug 2019  | 

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I am looking for someone who can draw and colorize a piece of work which would grace a debut rap music album I intend on releasing in the summer of 2020. The work would consist of me holding up the world on my shoulders and in tears, with Earth centered on North America. Near California, a homeless bum would be seen sitting down injecting drugs and taking a hit. Near Texas, cartels and human traffickers would be smuggling drugs and people across the Texas/Mexico border. And near New York, one of the towers of the original World Trade Center would have an explosion coming out of it from a plane impact, with the image of another plane right about to strike it. This is not a simple request, but if you think you are up to the challenge please reach out. We have the potential to influence a lot of people and make a positive difference in the world. If I successfully have enough sales from the album to recover production costs, I will create more albums and we could work in the future on other projects. Thanks for your consideration. Once contacted I can provide a photo of myself holding a large ball in order to provide something that can help make visualizing the request a little easier.