"Design is so simple.That’s why it is so complicated."


Marco Antonio

Please check my new 2016 show reel!https://www.artstation.com/artist/marcoarantes My name is Marco Arantes and I've got a lot of experience in 3D/2D animation, concept art, storyboards and character design. For films, games and the TV industry!Please find attached my CV in application for.....

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Lee Campbell

London based painter working in oils

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Linda Lauter

I am a portrait artist. I specialize in Pastel & Pencil drawings of children, adults and pets. I also do Caricatures, Landscapes, Watercolor, Acrylic and Oil. My work can be found on my website at llauter.com.

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Henry P. Affandi

Narvesh kumar

No biography to display!

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Dave Gentle

I am a self-taught Leeds based artist that works with a diverse range of arts. Specialty: Pet portraits!

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